Paul Gilbert’s list of (mostly) modern guitar heroes includes striking versions of Bach and Beatles

The guitar wiz Paul Gilbert was asked to write a list of his favourite modern guitar players. The task proved to be challenging – the list includes names like Freddie King – but Gilbert did come up with some interesting younger musicians with interesting styles.

Paul Gilbert: ”I don’t think I know five modern guitar players! I keep listening to older and older guys. I do like Adam Fulara, who plays Bach on two necks at once. This is an older video where he’s making some insane faces, but the music is really good! Adam is teaching at my Great Guitar Escape camp in July, in New York as well.”

”I know there are great players like Derek Trucks and Jimmy Herring. Jimmy and I actually went to GIT (The Guitar Institute of Technology) together back in 1984. He’s becoming more and more popular recently. I don’t really know which video is the best for Jimmy, but here’s one that’s pretty good.”

”The guitar video that I watch the most on YouTube is this live one with Freddie King. Freddie certainly isn’t new, but I didn’t start listening to him until recently, so he’s new to me. Check out Freddie’s moves at this spot in the video.”

Andy Timmons is another guitarist who is teaching at my camp. Here he is playing an all-instrumental version of Strawberry Fields by The Beatles. It’s really cool that he can bring out the vocal melodies and so many other instruments from just one guitar.”

Sam Coulson played at my guitar camp last year. He has fantastic vibrato, and I know he’s going to be a guitar star of the future. Actually, he just joined the band ASIA replacing Steve Howe. Here is Sam doing some serious string bending and ferocious licks too.”

”I know I was only asked for five, but I have to include one more… old guitar player. Check out Johnny Winter being awesome – and the audience being very confused about the music (judging by the looks on their faces.) Johnny rules!”