Apocalyptica: Shadowmaker – kuvagalleria ja raportti kuuntelutilaisuudesta

Jana Blomqvist

Apocalyptica esitteli 17. huhtikuuta julkaistavaa Shadowmaker-albumiaan medialle Helsingin Finnvox-studiolla. Paikalla oli myös Rumban väkeä, ja tässä ensi alkuun valokuvaaja Jana Blomqvistin tallentamia otoksia paikan päältä. Englanniksi kanssamme kommunikoiva Blomqvist kirjoitti albumista seuraavaa:

The prelistening session started out with some snacks being offered to the press. The item that stood out on the menu was Apocalyptica brand white and red wine delivered from Austria. Soon after everyone headed to one of the studios for the listening session, where Sony Music presented the band with some cd awards for 7th Symphony (since this part was in Finnish I don’t know which milestones the album reached.)

The album’s titled Shadowmaker and features 12 tracks:
I-III-V Seed of Chaos
Cold Blood
Slow Burn
Reign of Fear
Hole In My Soul
House Of Chains
Riot Lights
Come Back Down
Sea Song (You Waded Out)
Till Death Do Us Part
Dead Man’s Eyes

The guest vocalist and current touring member is Franky Perez who also collaborated with the band on songwriting.

The album itself has great flow and dynamics and a good balance between heavier pieces and ballads. The mixing and sound quality is flawless. At least half the songs feature vocals and Franky Perez has an amazing range to pull off both clean and screaming parts.

It was rather difficult to pick just one best song since Cold Blood, Shadowmaker, Hole In My Soul, House Of Chains and Sea Song are all potential single material.

The band doesn’t have any specific plans for an album launch party at this point but the Finnish shows will probably take place closer towards the end of the year. Apocalyptica may play some of the festivals this summer but so far no names were given.

Otso Karhu puolestaan haastatteli myöhemmin Eicca Toppista, ja kunhan mies saa juttunsa valmiiksi, pääsette lukemaan myös ensimmäisellä kotimaisella toimitetun Apo-artikkelin. Palaamme asiaan!